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Global Expert’s opinions

“But as the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution create new pressures on labor markets, education reform, lifelong learning, and reskilling initiatives will be key to ensuring both that individuals have access to economic opportunity by remaining competitive in the new world of work, and that businesses have access to the talent they need for the jobs of the future”

Børge Brende

President, World Economic Forum

«Most organizations affected by the skills gap are painfully aware of their problem. “We know from our research that organizations don’t yet feel prepared to adapt to digital or AI.”  

Michael Griffiths

Lead for Deloitte’s Learning Consulting Practice.

“Addressing skill gaps within organizations especially when related to succession planning provides a number of benefits. It allows the building of more diverse teams. It can be more cost-effective and quicker to train existing talent rather bringing in external hires who will need to be onboarded”

Dorothy Dalton

Global Talent Management Strategist

“One of the most critical tasks for HR during the transition between the third and fourth industrial revolution is the reskilling of the workforce. It is expected that by the year 2030 85% of all the jobs created haven’t even been invented yet”

Enrique Rubio

PMP, CSM, Founder Hacking HR